Monday, September 8, 2008

Running for District 5 Director of ABA

I have been asked by Matt Lhamon to run for District 5 Director of the American Bantam Association, and I'd like to ask for your vote in the election this year.

I have been involved in breeding and showing poultry actively for the past eight years, but my family has a long history of exhibition poultry, going back to the early 1900s with my great-grandfather and grandfather. My mother was a city girl at heart, and while I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, we went down to the family farm at least once a month.

I have vivid memories of the chickens, both large fowl and bantam, and the waterfowl that my grandfather had at the farm (especially one mean old gander who loved to chase and bite us grandkids!) How well I remember his birds strutting around the barn, and the loud calls of the guineas as they roamed!

In 2000, when my husband and I were able to find a farm on which to board our horses, we also got into goats and poultry.
From there was no going back, and now that we're on our farm here in KY we've been going full bore with the birds. At present we've narrowed our breeds, going for depth in the ones we've chosen to work with, including Buckeye large fowl, Dutch Bantams, and Silkies (for the kids.)

Here is all my ag-related info:

Volunteer and Board Positions:
American Bantam Association State representative - Kentucky 2007 to present
APA Marketing Committee 2006 to present
APA Newsletter Committee 2006 to present
ABA Sunshine Committee 2007 to present
APA-ABA Youth Program Director, Kentucky 2006 to present
Bluegrass Poultry Association Secretary 2006 to present
American Dutch Bantam Society District 3 Director 2007 to present
Grant County, KY 4-H Certified Livestock Leader 2004 to present
Grant County Extensions Council 2005 to 2007
Grant County Extensions Livestock Committee 2005 to 2007
South St. Louis County, MN Certified 4-H Volunteer 2001 to 2003

Professional and Related Memberships:

APA 2001 to present (Life Member as of 2006)
ABA 2004 to present (Life Member as of 2006)
American Dutch Bantam Society 2004 to present
American Silkie Breeders Club 2006 to present
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy 2005 to present
Bluegrass Poultry Association 2004 to present
North American Marans Club 2005 to 2006
American Marans Club 2005 to 2006
Ameraucana Breeders Club 2005 to 2007
American Quarter Horse Association 2000 to present
Kentucky Equine Education Project 2006 to present
American Dairy Goat Association 2001 to 2005

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me through our farm website: or leave a comment here. And thanks!