Thursday, December 11, 2008

Braggin' on my DH

My husband James is a tireless worker. He works hard at his job, and he works hard at his volunteer work. Recently he was honored as Team Leader of the Year by the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), for which he is the local county representative. I am so very proud of him! See more the press release below:


December 9th 2008

Recently at the Kentucky Equine Education Project’s (KEEP) Annual Team Leader Training Banquet, Grant County Team Leader, James Haggerty was chosen as the 2008 KEEP Team Leader of the Year. KEEP has more than 150 county team leaders across Kentucky. Team leaders are asked to fill out applications explaining their involvement in the horse industry in and out of their county. In addition they answer several questions about their views of the industry and KEEP.

When asked why he became a county team leader, Haggerty stated “I wanted to make a difference in the horse world.” He explained how his community had no public land on which to ride. When speaking to a local politician one day, he was told that the politician could help him out with a 4-H ride, and get permission for them to ride in the city “dump”. He thought, “There has to be a better way.” As you’re about to hear, he’s working very hard on making a difference.

Haggarty became involved with KEEP as both a member and team leader in 2006. During his two years of service, he’s had two experiences that stand out in his mind as most memorable. First, he helped initiate the KEEP flags for carrying in parades, and was able to represent KEEP in the Lexington 4th of July Parade. The other experience was bringing together an alliance of non-horse groups to establish a small area of land for equestrians in his county. No more expecting them to ride in the city “dump”!

He’s done much more than this though. In his county, he’s been active in the local saddle club and helped to keep them up to date on bills related to the horse industry. He’s been involved with the local 4-H Horse Club, helping them obtain grants and such. He’s kept the communication lines open with local politicians for discussing horse industry issues in his community. He created political support for EMA large animal rescue and initiated training for this in his community with a KEEP grant. He also has two daughters that are actively involved in the KEEP Youth Council and has been a great asset to that group. Outside of his county, he has presented at the Kentucky Horse Council Annual Meeting, promoting horse and non-horse alliances, and representing this as a KEEP initiative. He has partnered with CSM (Retired) Charles Duffee, JROTC lead instructor at Grant County High School, to develop recreational/training site for cadets and equestrians in Grant County.

Mr. Haggarty and his family live in Berry, KY where they enjoy trail riding, participating in parade on horseback and sharing family time on the farm.

KEEP was formed in May 2004 to promote and protect Kentucky’s horse industry. For more information on KEEP visit