Sunday, July 3, 2011

Life is funny

As I sit here on a muggy, overly hot Sunday in Kentucky, I am bemused by life's coincidences. I am listening to my "Bluegrass" custom channel on Pandora (which I love!) and loading music onto my iPhone from my CDs.

It's interesting, when I think of it, that I wound up in Kentucky. I grew up in Ohio, and my mother's family has lived there for many years, since 1847, when my great, great, great grandfather Jabez Vodrey moved there. Jabez came to America in 1827, seeking to start a pottery here. For ten years he lived in Louisville, KY, and his sons (including my great, great-grandfather William) were born in Kentucky, and spent their early childhood in Louisville before moving to Ohio.

As a child I have memories of lying on the floor of my grandfather's home, listening to music. My grandfather adored music of all kinds, from classical (he had a special love of Bach) to Bluegrass. I can only wonder what happened to all those albums he had, wish I knew who it was I listened to. I remember being told it was early Appalachia music, it was very spare and plain, not a lot of production (this would have been in the early 1960s, and the albums were likely very old.)
My grandfather.

It's funny that I now live in Kentucky, and have such a love of Bluegrass, as I was a solid rock and roll grrl growing up. Funny how life comes full circle in so many ways. Funny how I can feel my grandfather nodding with approval at the music I am playing (I like to think he would have loved having an iPod!)

Life is just funny...