Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Farm life changes us

It's interesting to note the many ways we change when we move from suburbia to a farm (no matter how small or hobby-farm it may be.)

I am still a stay at-home mom, but my life, and my general appearance is very different. I no longer wear makeup (as a general rule), because when you're out doing chores in the high heat of summer, makeup just runs down your face and into your shirt. I no longer bother to grow my nails or polish them, because when I'm working with the horses or cleaning a chicken pen, they get dirty and torn. I keep my hair simple - long and straight, because it's easier to pull up and out of my face so I can see when I'm trimming a hoof or collecting eggs. I have a lot more work clothes than dressy clothes, because I spend so much more time getting dirty than I do lunching with ladies or going to wine tastings.

Our priorities change too. A couple of years ago, my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday. In years before we owned a farm, my mother would spoil me with a lovely art print, or piece of collectible pottery, something beautiful, but inherently impractical. That time when she asked, I told her what I really wanted was about ten tons of pea gravel to put around the barn to improve the drainage there. She was amused, but didn't really understand (Mom was ever a city girl, despite her father being such a lover of livestock.) Now for gift-giving occasions I ask for things like a power washer, or a new incubator, things like that. No flowers or perfume or jewelry for me, thank you, stick to things I can use! Oh, I still have pretty dresses and jewelry I can wear if I chose to, but the opportunities for such are fewer, and farther between now, and I can honestly say I don't mind a bit.


Calfkeeper said...
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Calfkeeper said...

Ha. Sorry about that...removing that comment, that is, wrong button.

Anyway. Thank you so much for visiting Dairy Daze. We ag women need to stick together.

I can relate to this post...I don't do makeup anymore either, cows don't care what you look like as long as they get their grain. I have never been one for jewelry so that's not a big deal.

But my friends don't understand why I tend to ask for practical gifts. Really I had rather have things I can USE than things that will just gather dust.

Ah...the life of a farm wife! :)