Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love Spring!

This is my favorite time of the year, bar none. I love the sunny days with their cool breezes (my mom used to call these days "Portuguese weather", as it reminded her of when she went to Portugal as a teen.) I love being able to go outside and not be drenched in sweat after ten minutes of work. I love the forsythia as it blooms, the daffodils and narcissus and tulips and iris flowers. I love the smell of the lilac bushes blooming, the sounds of birds nesting, the sight of baby calves and goats gamboling across the pastures. Love it love it love it.

I'm not so wild about the regular rain that makes the grass grow faster than I can mow it, nor the way the barn tends to flood (we're planning a major barn renovation in about a month), nor the sudden wild windstorms that can scream through and rip shingles off the roof. But for the most part, Spring is my favorite season. I wish it would last for six months, and we'd go straight through to fall, skipping summer here in KY altogether.

I don't care for summer here. Too bloody hot, sticky, humid. I hate the flies: the houseflies; the horseflies (omg when they bite they take out a chunk!); the deerflies (I am very allergic to them and when bitten swell up like the Elephant man on the afflicted limb); the Japanese Beetles; the bugs in general. I don't care for bugs. Summer is not my favorite time. Give me a long, extended spring. Let the hay grow like crazy, let's get three cuttings or more this year. Let it be Spring. Ahhhh......

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